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Custom Side Folding Grilles & Closures - Commercial

Side Folding Grilles & Closures Glossary
Every field of business has a unique language - side folding closures and grilles included. That's why we thought a Glossary of terms would be helpful.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas on how we can be more helpful please Email us at

Accordion Expressive term used to describe how Side Folding Curtains operate.

Adjustable Height Hardware Allows up to 1" (25mm) upward or downward height adjustment without removal of installed curtain.

Alignment Bar An aluminum strip designed to fit into and align two connecting pieces of Track.

Attached Pull Rod Rod attached to the top of posts with multidirectional ball allowing curtain to be pulled at the proper angle. Standard on curtains over 9' (2750mm) high and on all Counter applications.

Bigfoot (Floor)
Bigfoot Jr. (Counters)
A steel pad mounted on the bottom of the dropbolt. Used when the floor or countertop can not be drilled to accept a drop bolt socket. This is for crowd control, not a high security option.

Bi-Part A curtain that stacks on both sides of an opening and joins together the same as a lead post into a wall channel with an added dropbolt to prevent sway. Drop bolt engages into floor socket.

Closure Side folding curtains made of tempered glass, polycarbonate, solid aluminum or perforated steel powder coat painted panels.

Curtain The assembled folding panels of the side folding closure or grille.

Curves Track bent to form 90, 120, 135 and 150 degree angles. Radii for standard models are 10" (254mm) and 14" (356mm). Wide Body models are 22" (599mm). Special curves and radii are available.

Drop Bolt 1045 cold rolled steel rod of Rockwell hardness 55 activated by a spring loaded lock. Drop bolt rod projects into floor or counter sockets and is adjustable.

Drop Bolt Socket Floor Socket is one of two types. Allows for 1 1/2" (38mm) depth of engagement of the dropbolt. Constructed of a heavy steel gauge steel outer wall and stainless steel spring loaded head, overall dimensions are 2 5/8" x 3/4" (67mm x 19mm).
Counter Socket allows for 1" (25mm) depth of engagement of the dropbolt. Constructed of aluminum with a spring loaded head, overall dimensions are 2" x 3/4" (51mm x 19mm).

Emergency Egress Door This is exactly what it says it is - an Emergency Egress Door, not a pass door. This 3'0 x 7'0 (900mm x 2020mm) door is built within the curtain. Egress hardware can be thumb turn, lever or paddle device - see your local codes for acceptability.

Exterior Refers to the side of the curtain that is on the unsecured side.

Fixed End Post Last post of the curtain, closest to wall, that is permanently mounted to wall.

Grille Side folding curtains made of aluminum panels, rods and tubes making an "open air" design.

Header Structural support for track that carries the side folding grille or closure.

Header Stop Aluminum block mounted in pocket adjacent to track on interior so it will "catch" top stop of traveling end post.

Hook bolt Hook bolt Lock assembly activated by keyed mortise cylinder or Thumb Turn interlocking with wall channel.

Interior Refers to the side of the curtain that is on the secured side.

Intermediate Post A middle Post in a Curtain located no more than 10' (3000mm) O.C. for full height and 6' (1800mm) O.C. for counter height from any other Post. Intermediate Posts should be placed on or near center of Curves. Intermediate Posts have a Dropbolt that is spring loaded and unlocked with a keyed cylinder. Drop bolts engage into Floor or Counter sockets.

Latch Handle Aluminum spring loaded "lever" 1 7/8" (48mm) is used as an alternative to the keyed cylinder. Thumb turn or paddle device to secure or unlock lead post or emergency egress door.

Lead Post The first post of the curtain to pull out of the stack area. This post will have hookbolt lock that secures into a wall channel or be a Top & Bottom locking post. Of course, if the curtain bi-parts, each lead post would be half of the Bi-part.

Lift Bolt 1081 cold rolled steel rod activated by a spring loaded lock. Rod projects through track into header.

Operation It's easy to open. Curtains 9' and under should be pulled above the halfway point so as not to angle the curtain and cause stress. Higher curtains have attached pull rods as do all counter height curtains. To close, stand at pocket entrance and slowly feed curtain into pocket. Always pulling or pushing as high as you can.

Paddle Device Aluminum "panic" paddle 4 3/4" x 3" (120mm x 80mm) used as an alternative to the keyed cylinder, thumb turn or latch handle to secure or unlock lead post or emergency egress door.

Pocket Area inside a wall structure - usually provided by general contractor - to store closure or grille - so it cannot be seen during business hours.

Protection Plate Attached to the back of a travelling end post, the black HIEP protection plate is a maximum 10' (3000mm) in height. This is designed to prevent anyone from reaching around the post. May also be applied to the top and bottom post.

Stack Closure or grille curtain folded tightly forms a stack. Often an area in the wall will be for storage - that space is called a pocket.

Thumb Turn Non removable key like knob fixed to a cylinder used as an alternative to the keyed cylinder. Thumb turn or latch handle to secure or unlock posts or emergency egress door.

Top & Bottom
Locking Post
A lead or end post can be a Top & Bottom Locking Post. A spring loaded drop bolt engages a floor socket and a top lift bolt protrudes into track and header.

Track Extruded aluminum 1 3/8" (35mm) wide by 1 5/8" (14mm) high. Track is joined together with hardened steel track pins (like model railroad tracks) and alignment bars constructing a smooth continuous surface for the trolleys to carry the curtain.

Track Switch The track switch is a device designed to allow "wall to wall" locking of a closure or grille even though it stacks at 90° to the opening. Also may be used to use one grille/closure to secure two different openings at different times. Crank operated.

Traveling End Post Last Post of the Curtain that travels to the front of the Pocket when Curtain is extended across opening. The Post Top Stop self locks into a Header Stopper and a Floor "V" Stop inside of Pocket. A full height (maximum 10' (3000mm) Protection Plate is attached to back of Post.

Trolley Dual 1 1/8" (28mm) nylon wheels spaced to ride in track. The trolleys support the full weight of the curtain.

"V" Stop Used in pockets only. This "V" shaped piece of steel is spread the width of the pocket and secured to floor. Placement in the pocket is located by fully assembled curtain being stretched into pocket. The Traveling End Post has a stopper that adjusts down so that only the back post will engage into the 3/4" high "V" Stop. Counter "V" stop is 1/2" high.

Wall Channel A full height extruded piece of aluminum that the lead post fits and locks into. This channel is secured permanently to the wall.

Interior Folding Doors
Finishes & Finish Options
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Clear anodized is standard on all our models. Optional color anodizing and hundreds of powder coat and acrylic paint finishes are available.

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