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 ROLLING Grilles (PDF)
  Portcullis - 209
  Portcullis - 312
  Labyrinth - 209
  Labyrinth - 312

 ROLLING Closures (PDF)


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  Grilles Spec Drawings
  Closures Spec Drawings

  Rolling Glossary

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Custom Grilles & Closures - Commercial Applications

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Rolling Grilles & Closures For Commercial Security Applications

Dynamic manufactures the world's finest security entrance rolling closures and grilles.
Rolling overhead grilles and closures that have been the ideal choice to secure openings for many years. The ideal deterrent to smash and grab, break-ins and vandalism. They are used extensively in shopping malls, schools, food concessions, office buildings, supermarkets and pharmacies to provide security that is easy to use and takes up minimal side clearances. Truly the best advantage of rolling grilles is the amazing fact they are self-supporting when mounted on tubes. Project managers can have the grille or closure installed with just the concrete slab and ceiling joists in place.
Clear anodized finish on the entire aluminum curtain and bottom bar is standard. Curtains should stay pleasing to the eye long after the bill is paid. Many custom finishes are available. Operation can be manual push-up, hand crank, chain hoist, or electric motor operated.
Grilles -Offer far greater security because of the closed construction and many feel a beauty not found in a grille design. Most closures uniquely provide off-hour merchandizing like grilles, but also guards against any reach through theft or vandalism.
Closures -Open construction allows airflow, light infiltration and off-hour merchandizing, and of course Dynamic's customers have a variety of attractive models to choose from.
Rolling Grille Application Drawing
Dynamic Closures showcase of models is the best in the industry. All models are constructed of aluminum and have panel inserts of polished tempered glass (Crystal), polycarbonate (Pristine), and powder coat painted perforated steel (Ventana). Ventana is fast becoming our best model launch ever. Heavy extruded solid aluminum slats (Vortex) completely block all visibility.
    Click Here For Enlarged Typical Layout Drawing
Rolling products have the distinct advantage of being installed on self-supporting steel tubes secured to ceiling joists and the concrete slab. This allows the installation to be the first item completed on the project.

Every field of business has a unique language - rolling closures and grilles included. We thought a Glossary of terms would be helpful.

Electric Motors
Recommended for convenient and controlled operation of rolling products. Available on all models.
Emergency Egress Release
This interior-wall-mounted release is easily accessible and meets ADA requirements. When activated it partially opens an unlocked grille automatically, by disengaging the motor.
Key Switch
This compact design is the standard for the retail industry. It provides secure operation for your rolling grille.
POET-Power Our Entry Terminal
A must option for a motorized grille that is the only entrance to the store. The POET allows you to gain entrance from the exterior by push-up operation.
Center Locking Bottom Bar
Simple and convenient center lock secures grille with 1/2" diameter steel throw rods for maximum security. Tighter rod spacing is available on any grille model with an interior thumb turn in order to satisfy security needs and local fire regulations.
Caution-Rolling Grilles and Closures should not be locked while premises are occupied.
Adjustable Lock Strike
Expect the unexpected. This standard feature allows the installer to accommodate the locking height on variable floor finishes.
Electrical Interlock
Electrical interlocks prevent motorized operation when bottom bar is locked.
Reversing Sensing Edge
Recommended for motor operated rolling products. Mounted on the bottom bar, the sensing edge will stop and reverse the grill if an obstruction is encountered while it is closing. Available in two models, pneumatic (shown) and electric.
Interior Folding Doors
Finishes & Finish Options
More choices!
Clear anodized is standard on all our models. Optional color anodizing and hundreds of powder coat and acrylic paint finishes are available.

Portcullis-209  straight pattern
Portcullis-209 grille
Portcullis-312  straight pattern
Portcullis-312 grille
Labyrinth-209  brick pattern
Labyrinth-209 grille
Labyrinth-312  brick pattern
Labyrinth-312 grille
Heiress  straight pattern
Heiress grille
Grilles Specification Drawings

Ventana  perforated steel panels
Ventana closure
Pristine  polycarbonate panels
Pristine closure
Crystal  tempered glass panels
Crystal closure
Vortex  V-Groove aluminum slat panels
Vortex closure
Closures Specification Drawings

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